15 July Facts

“The truth is on the march and nothing will stop it”


“La vérité est en marche et rien ne l’arrêtera”  Émile Zola

An intellectual and objective analysis of “self / staged / failed” military coup realized in Turkey in July 15, 2016 caused hundreds of deaths, thousands of wounded people. We will analyze before, during and after the coup trying to reveal truths that will shed light on  the unanswered questions about what has been happening since July 15, 2016.



Quick Facts

Since July 15, 2016, more than 10 thousands military officers that even includes officers martyred before the military coup (generals to NCO) and more than 16 thousands military cadets (high schools to military academies) have been sacked in addition to purge in civilian institutions.  Here is the numbers of the purge in Turkey since July 15, 2016.




Image: Carlos Latuff


There are so many questions. We have come to ask those questions.




Adrift amid the recent currency crisis, Turkey sails into uncharted waters. The current financial turmoil furnishes a glaring example of the vicious circle. The more authoritarian Erdogan’s regime gets, the further away the country drifts apart from Europe, the U.S., and NATO. As it sails away from the safe ports of the rule of law, democracy, and freedoms, the conditions of journey become more alarming. Let’s start with a brief look into the Turkish currency turmoil and then see how an analogous case takes place within the Turkish Military.

It does not take a genius to predict that Turkey will search for outside money to finance its annual external financing requirement of about $218bn–according to the recent FT report–in the face of plummeting currency. If the West is not an option, the East would be an alternative. In the late July of this year, The Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak, Erdogan’s son-in-law, announced that Chinese financial institutions would provide a $3.6 billion loan package. The case resembles the situation in Pakistan, which borrowed a considerable loan from China and tried to pay back by borrowing from the IMF, a strategy which seems unlikely to be received well by the Fund. A same dead end might wait for Turkey. Even a worse scenario might be Sri Lanka’s path through which a sovereign country had to renounce one of its strategic ports to China for quite some time. Some scholars call this situation, China’s “debt trap.” Turkey already announced that China would build the third nuclear plant in the country, which signals a similar path to the one Sri Lanka took when that country decided that China would have established a port. This turns into a vicious circle: once a state moves away, reversing the course back to the democratic world becomes increasingly difficult.

When one digs deep into the changes taking place within the critical institutions in Turkey, a tumultuous destiny for the county surfaces up. For instance, Turkey’s economic trajectory reverberates in its Military. In June 2014, Erdogan politically intervened and forced the release all the suspects and culprits of the Sledgehammer plot from the prison. The intervention coincided with his decision to part his way with the Gulen movement following the corruption scandal that involved Erdogan’s cronies and close circle. Moreover, Erdogan dismissed the Kurdish peace process, a.k.a a democratic solution to the issues related to Kurds, which was started by him and perpetuated until September 2014. He designed the process to garner support from the Kurdish population for transforming the constitutional system into an executive presidency. After Erdogan forged an alliance with the Sledgehammer culprits and relied on far-nationalist votes in the presidential election, he started a full-scale war against Kurds both domestically and abroad.

In March 2015, Erdogan and his supporters in the Judiciary acquitted all Balyoz suspects after the appointed prosecutor’s arguments of fake evidence in the file. Erdogan’s intervention in the Balyoz case was related to his efforts to forge a coalition with the ultra-nationalists, also known as Perincek group. Perincek’s statements at a press conference in Iran, over massive purges in the Military, is a confession of the arbitrary dismissals: “Turkey goes through a surgical operation. NATO’s tumor is being removed from the country’s body through mass arrests and dismissals in the Military.” Foreign Policy magazine describes Perincek’s group as the ‘Eurasianist clique’ and argues that an April 2003 cable, released by WikiLeaks from the U.S. Embassy in Ankara referred the Eurasianists as a group of officers within Turkish Military “who have long sought an alternative to the U.S. and are considering closer relations with Russia.” The same cable also reported the existence of a rival group ‘Atlanticists’ in the Military and portrayed them the ones “who believe Turkey’s strategic interests lie in its ties with the U.S. and NATO.”

Erdogan’s recent intervention in the military promotion system is striking. The Supreme Military Council (SMC; in Turkish: Yüksek Askerî Şûra – YAŞ), which for decades acted as a committee of top civilian and military officials, convenes to decide on crucial military issues including promotions and layoffs. In the wake of the country’s transition to an executive presidency, Mr. Erdogan has issued presidential decrees which consolidated his control over the Military through the SMC. He appointed his son-in-law Berat Albayrak, the Treasury, and Finance Minister, along with the Minister of Education and the Vice President(s) as the new members of the SMC. The reorganization allowed Erdogan to award an extra star to any general irrespective of the required experience or standards. Although he advocates the new SMC as a firm step to “increase democratic control over the Military,” what happens practically is “Erdoganization.”

The SMC convention takes place two times a year once in December and once in early August. The August convention is more significant as the council determines promotions and dismissals in the senior ranks of the military. The August 2018 SMC took place in the Presidential Palace under the new presidential system. Nine generals were promoted to higher levels, 41 colonels became generals and admirals, while 12 generals retired. The Commander of the Second Army Ismail Metin Temel is a prominent example of the politicization in the Military. Temel was recently publicized for his enthusiastic applaud for the political comments of Erdogan on his rival Muharrem Ince during the Presidential election campaign. Vice Admiral Ozbal’s promotion to a higher rank and his appointment as the Chief of the Navy is another example of politicization. Four admirals, who were superior to him in rank and experience, were retired to facilitate Ozbal’s steep ascension to the peak of the Navy. His rivals, Admirals Veysel Kosele, Serdar Dulger, Hasan Usaklioglu, and Sukru Korlu, were known for their pro-democracy and pro-NATO sentiments.

Another major takeaway of the August SMC meeting was the arbitrary promotions of the officers who are known for their Eurasianist and anti-NATO sentiments. Several years ago, these officers had been prosecuted and sentenced to varying prison terms for their involvement in the Operation Sledgehammer (Turkish: Balyoz Harekati) plot against Erdogan. Several promoted generals and admirals are known for their infamous roles in torturing the military suspects of the coup attempt. These torture culprits would eventually land to NATO positions bringing their shameful human rights records.

Another notable group cherished in the early August SMC comprised the officers known for their far-nationalist stances. Umit Dundar for example, who was assigned as the chief of Army, was an accomplice in Erdogan’s July 2016 coup plot. Besides Dundar, many far-nationalists officers took Mr. Erdogan’s side during the controversial coup attempt. Dundar is also known for his close relations with the leader of the Nationalist Movement Party (NMP; in Turkish: Milliyetci Hareket Partisi – MHP) Devlet Bahceli. Bahceli has allied with Erdogan after the July 15 Self-coup.

A common denominator which brings Eurasianists with far-nationalists in the Military is their aversion to the promotion of liberal democracy in Turkey. Both groups detest the Kurds and hate granting them democratic liberties. Erdogan seems to be well aware of the Eurasianists’ and far-nationalist partners’ sensitivities and behaves accordingly. Both Perincek-led Eurasianist group and far-right nationalists reject the so-called ‘subordination’ to the West via NATO and advocate leading Central Asian Turkic nations with a Eurasionist vision. They advocate partnering with Russia, China, and Iran to confront NATO, EU and the U.S. 

Erdogan tries running the gamut acting as the country’s second founding father after Ataturk. He has a lot to lose if the power slips off his hands. Erdogan’s decision to purchase S-400 missiles from Russia indicates how his ideological departure may end up in radical choices. The economic and military turmoils speed up the country’s divorce from the West, NATO, EU and the U.S. If a divorce happens, no one knows when a reunion might be possible.  As long as Erdogan keeps his grip on Turkey, such an event would be doomed to stay as a mirage.

The Coup in Turkey: Background and Facts

It would be unrealistic to call the events of 15 July 2016 as a genuine coup attempt. They fit best to the definition of a Self-Coup. Erdogan’s partners in the Government and the bureaucracy were ready well before the events broke out. Their goal was to set up bloody confrontations and increase the death toll. The suspicious acts of the chief of the Turkish Military General Hulusi Akar and the Army, Navy, Air Force and Gendarmerie service chiefs suggest that they had earlier agreed with Erdogan on staging a fake coup. A press release by the Turkish Military stated that the dissented personnel amounted to 8,651, mostly mobilized in Istanbul and Ankara. Almost half of them were cadets and conscripts. However, the crackdown was devastating. Mass arrests throughout the country begun immediately. Thousands of judges and prosecutors, including two members of the Supreme Court, were the first in line.

Erdogan’s partners in the Military provided him with a golden opportunity to consolidate a dictatorial regime and redesign the country. A few days later, Erdogan declared the State of Emergency and announced a series of Government dictated laws. The authorities of the police and the judiciary expanded tremendously. The State of Emergency provided Erdogan unconstrained power to suppress his opponents, extend his rule, and change the country’s democracy into tyranny. Erdogan’s regime jailed more journalists than all the other nations of the world. His Government sacked 151,967 government employees, detained 138,579 citizens, and arrested 78,687. 5,822 academicians and 4,463 judges and prosecutors were among the purged. The Military lost almost 30,000 military officials, 17,000 military cadets and nearly two-thirds of its cadre of generals and admirals. Approximately 90% of the career officers were expelled from the Military.

Keeping the hope in Turkey is hard. However, the authors of this study are hopeful. They firmly believe that a promising future for Turkey is possible and not so far. They trust the wisdom of their people. They are sure that this wisdom will eventually recall the respect for freedoms, the firm commitment to the rule of law and the more than a century-long strive for a genuine democracy.


To access the full report

The coup in Turkey – background and facts – July 2018

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Coup against Turkish Navy

The documentary prepared by journalist Ece Sevim sheds lights on the events happened in Navy during the staged coup on July 15, 2016. Shortly after journalist Ece Sevim prepared and aired this documentary, she was taken into custody. She is imprisoned and stays in a cell without any real accusation. The documentary questions the facts of July 15 and real perpetrators of the coup.

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How will Turkey and the US government relations evolve?

Since the coup on July 15th, AKP government has been developing strong ties with Russia, Iran, and Syrian government. It is even claimed that Erdogan and Bashar Assad met in Astana, Kazakhstan moderated by Russia, September 12, 2017 [1].  The Turkish government and military officials have often been visiting both Russia and Iran, recently. Moreover, Erdogan has been accusing the US and Europe plotting the military coup in domestic politics for a year.  The recent developments show that the relationship between Erdogan government and the US is very volatile. There are several examples to shed light on that claim. Also, there are important questions that can draw the picture of the relationship in the near future.

  1. Rebel groups supported by the US and Turkey are Sunni whereas, Iran and Syria are Shite. If Turkey changes his side from the Us to Iran and Russia, how would these Sunni groups be affected? What will they do? Would they only leave Syria or spread out to the world and pose a terror threat?
  2. For the recent years, the US government actively support Kurdish forces. Can Erdogan use his allied rebel groups in Syria to fight against Kurds?

Furthermore, there are recent developments that can divert the trajectory of the relationship between Turkey and the US:

  • Consequences of the staged coup on July 15th and the purge of the secular intellectuals
  • Increasing influence of pro-Russian and pro-Iran groups in government
  • Case of Reza Zarrab and Zafer Caglayan (former minister of economy) case for bypassing US sanctions on Iran [2]
  • Case of Erdogan’s security guards (two of them arrested and issued warrant for 12 security guards) [3]
  • Purchase of Boeing aircraft by Turkey that will cost $11B
  • Speculation of that Turkey buy S-400 missiles from Russia
  • Detaining foreign journalist, pastors or human activist in custody
  • Leakage of US troops base locations in Syria

Firstly, I will primarily talk about the leakage of the map of base locations of us forces in Syria in this article. The news was published by Erdogan’s state media called Anatolian Agency on July 17, 2017 [4]. The Anatolian agency released/ leaked the US soldiers base-locations map in Syria. The release of this critical information, either accidentally or deliberately, was not a proper action to be expected from an ally. The reporter claimed that it is not the officials who provided him the location of the bases, but he found out them, which does not seem to an excuse for a state-paid news reporter. That said, one of the strongest possibility is that the map was leaked from someone who wants to put Turkey against the US and possibly force Turkey to change its side in Syria. Then, the question is who or which groups might want this switch in Syria?

Some groups want to put Turkey against  the US and possibly force Turkey to change its side in Syria. Then, the question is who or which groups might want this switch in Syria?

Since the beginning of the turmoil in Syria, Turkish government acted in tandem with the US stance. However, certain groups in Turkey, including pro-Iran, radical political Islamists, and pro-Russians, want to get Turkish soldiers to pit against the US troops in the field. Erdogan has been using rebel groups in Syria as proxy forces to shape his domestic politics (Erdogan’s goal). That said, there might be at least two reasons for the recent leakage of the base locations:

  1. Since the US is very sensitive about its soldiers, Erdogan aimed to use this as leverage against the US.
  2. By doing so, he provided his proxy rebel groups more space to securely move so they would be aware where the US soldiers are

Even though Erdogan prefers anti-western speech and rhetoric in domestic politics, he is well-aware of the need for the West/USA for political and military reasons. Thus, he has been eliminating and silencing the opposition by accusing them of their alliance with the West.

On the other hand, as he strives to get along with the West, he also tries to force them to continue their alliance with Erdogan. He has been using some leverages against the West, such as threatening Europe with sending refuges or exporting terrorist. He has already detained some of the foreign journalists, human right activists, and even pastors.

Additionally, Erdogan knows that he does not have the power to punish USA soldiers. Maybe he can sometimes try armed power on Kurds, but he will not fight against the USA. Especially, after purged all selected and well-educated officers/ generals/ admirals/ diplomats/ bureaucrats. He knows he is not powerful. Turkish Air Force was having very well trained and educated pilots before the coup attempt. But after the purge, now TAF requesting master teacher pilots from Pakistan for training!

Erdogan is not the only actor in Turkey now. Especially after the purge of Western-minded elites, pro-Russian ultra-nationalists led by Dogu Perincek are increasing their influence in Turkish politics.

Our conclusion is: Iran or Russia is motivating these groups to engage with the US soldiers despite Erdogan. The mass purge of pro-western officers and generals from military will give pro-Russians and pro-Iranians, who are more influential by the power gap, the opportunity to take Turkey from the Western axis. Then, there will not be any option/ power to get relations well with the USA for Turkey anymore.

It is possible to think that, in a close circle of Erdogan, some pro-Iran advisors and pro-Russian/anti-western generals/admirals have excellent relations with Iran and Russia. For example, Special Forces Commander LTG Zekai Aksakalı is known to have good relations with pro-Russian. As a sign of these good relations, Turkey seems or bluff the US to buy S-400 and getting more engaged with Iran.

What can be a reaction / should have been:

Although Erdogan may seem to be a real puppet, he is a selfish actor, which makes him a person with no values. Apart from balancing the powers inside Turkey, he is trying to reconcile the West with Russia. Consequently, Russia’s influence is increasing in the region. If the West does not want to lose a partner like Turkey; USA and Western Powers should:

  • Express support for democracy, separation of powers, checks and balances, justice and human rights in Turkey
  • Separation of Erdogan from Turkey; otherwise any attack on Erdogan would consolidate AKP supporters
  • Erdogan is perfectly managing the public perception in a way that the US had planned the coup attempt of July 15th, 2016. However, the gaps and the controversies in his argument are being revealed in the court trials. However, the media, which is either supporting or bandwagoning with him, does not declare the full text of the court statements of so-called ‘coup plotters.’ So, the US and the West should insist on international observers to participate in the trials of the coup attempt. Besides, the US and West should stand out for publicly open courts for the coup attempt.



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Who did give the orders in the night of military coup?

Original copy of the order

The content of the order, above, claimed given by Col. Osman Kardal at Armed Forces  Command Operation Center (SKKHM) is translated below:

From:                    General Staff (GENKUR)

To:                          MAGG 5101


KGK:                      WAA

Subject:               Preparation Notice and Dispatch of the Units

  1. Due to emergency in country-wide, Turkish Armed Forces with its all units, organizations and Headquarters are going to carry out all duty given, provide and maintain the security, and take the all necessary measurements without hesitation.
  2. Hereby; all units, organizations, and Headquarters:
    • Complete its preparations as soon as possible
    • Be ready to execute the orders given by General Staff
  3. Hereby, primarily:
    • 1th Gendarmerie Commando Brigade /Cakirsogut and available unit of Special Forces Command are going to move to Ankara, at once.
    • To carry out the dispatch immediately, Force Commands of both two units’ commanders and other corps have been given proper authority of coordination

Col. Osman Kardal stated in his testimony that he did not give that order.

“Some people framed me up using my name and office to write this message. This message was sent from a different place out of Armed Forces  Command Operation Center using my name.”

According to this document and testimony of Col. Osman Kardal:

  • Units did not know the attempt of the military coup
  • Special Forces unit were called with order. General Semih Terzi came to Ankara to follow the order.

SADAT’s 15th of July Document and Its Evaluation

In our country (Turkey), the basis of problems of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law root from distancing off the values such as honesty and transparency, using shortcuts, stargazing, favoritism, moral inconsistency and using both national and religious values and tradition in personal benefits. These actions lead to sacrifice anything to one’s favor. The very same problems prepared the ground for the monumental collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The problems inherited from the Ottoman Empire stood as the biggest challenges during the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. These problems were the greatest handicaps on the way to building a modern civilization.  The culprits of these problems share insincerity, dishonesty, intolerance to others, envying all that is “the other”, with a wholesale understanding, hatred against voices other than theirs, condemning others instead of criticizing themselves, giving up their values and discourse of yesterday when an opportunistic way, justifying the ends by the means, using anything that is dear to the nation like Islam, national history and Ataturk to the very end in a Machiavallist sense, regardless of their labels like right-wing/ left-wing/ socialist/ fascist/ nationalist/ religious, regardless of their political, religious, or ethnic identities.

This mentality surfaced in the pogrom of 6-7 September 1955, preparing ground for the conflicts between left and right, Alevites and Sunnis before 12th September 1980 coup, underground organizations, DHKP-C, PKK, Hizbullah, counterinsurgency, Yesil, Susurluk gang and nowadays Erdogan and AKP having their backs, and even intertwined all illegal constructions, including SADAT, are being faced. A part of society is, unfortunately, supporting SADAT and similar criminal organizations because of the moral collapse. The document prepared by SADAT for July 15 claims shows that the company has been dragged by the problems mentioned above.

SADAT or another corporation, regardless of the owner of the corporation and whoever supports it, as long as the company doesn’t violate the laws of our country, doesn’t give up being open to the inspection of its activities and doesn’t hurt the fundamental rights of any individual and the interests of the country, criticizing of the firm is out of question. However, a company that doesn’t obey those fundamental rules of law, regardless of the owner whether it is set up by a retired general and its crew or introduces himself as a rescuer of Islamic World or declares that he’ll be the remedy of the significant problems of Turkey and Muslim community, it cannot escape from being criticized, being tried in a court when the law is back in Turkey and even answering to the whole world in front of the international tribunals in the future.

In the document prepared by SADAT, instead of giving satisfactory and clear answers to the serious and tangible suspicions about the corporation that have been brought up to the agenda for the last 5 years, people who claim the allegations are accused, plenty of logos, picture and slogan have been used, Erdogan and his government have been advertised with “inside the activities” approach. The overall document was prepared with a focus to win tenders and leave word with the government. It seems more like a political party brochure.

One must be conscienceless not to see the behaviors incompatible with human dignity, the systematic, extensive, known-by-everybody and massive amount of torture that have not been ever seen in our country’s history, the cleaning out process of Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), the wasting thousands of TAF personnel arbitrarily who haven’t been involved in any way into the scene, the filling thousands of innocent people into the jail, the high pressure that Erdogan put onto the judgement, the ugliness he reveals to manage the jurisdiction for the sake of his benefit. SADAT wrote its document as if the country is in the shape of perfect justice. By doing so, it folds up the suspicions on its activities and relationships. In fact, the following questions to SADAT would reveal the whole truth clearly:

Instead of in Turkey, can such a secret, dark, shady and unsupervised corporation be established in a democratic country where people are educated and conscious, the leaders are dedicated to protecting human rights and freedom, the law, and justice -instead of arbitrariness- own the country? Assuming it is established, can it live such long?


Those who prepared the SADAT document formed their documents with accusations based on prediction and slander, while they are stating that they were exposed to charges based on forecast and slander.

Page 7: “Probably, if the coup had succeeded, the crimes of coup plotters would be calumniated to SADAT Corporation, and real criminals would be acquitted.”

Page 10: “They addresses many accusations to SADAT with several lies and slanders to hide the blood on their hands from the night of July 15 and, at the same time, kill two birds with one stone.”

Page 13: “The aim is to perplex people by obscuring their crimes related to the 34 people, including two police officers, killed by the shootings with heavy machine guns and infantry rifles over the tanks on the bridge, yet more than so, to form a basis for the steps against to Turkey with creating wrong perception in the West.”

Page 14-15: “Although more than one year passed since July 15, 2016, even today a black spot still appears at the same point as we cross the bridge. I wonder if they forgot the sniper at there!!!”

Page 14: “…There is a picture got from a television channel (A Haber), which is a part of this black propaganda.”
SADAT, instead of saying “Our members for sure did not use a gun on July 15”, claimed that “There were no snipers on July 15”, which will be reminded them while being judged in the future. SADAT only tried to refuse the claim of snipers on Bosphorus Bridge, while there are sound and severe pieces of evidence about the existence of snipers in different places in Istanbul like Bosphorus Bridge, Stock Exchange Building, Ataturk Airport. The news about the snipers was kept on the agenda, and the interviews with the witnesses were done by the channels which are pro-Erdogan. The accusing statement about A Haber in SADAT‘s document perplex people more. Why does pro-Erdogan channel A Haber organize a smear campaign against SADAT? If this information in A Haber is not right, on which subjects did, A Haber do guidance news and organize smear campaign?

In the document of SADAT, instead of saying, “Even today, a silhouette is being seen in the same place,” it would carry more conviction if a photograph of the silhouette was shown. By the way, while several people testified that a sniper was present on the leg of the Bosphorus Bridge, also there are some AKP supporters who declared that the other sniper deployed on the hill in the vicinity. The witnesses, who revealed that gunmen shot innocent people and killed the civilians on July 15, are AKP supporters or their relatives who went out on that night to support Erdogan. These individuals and their families come under fire and were injured on the Bosphorus Bridge, at nearby the Istanbul Stock Exchange Building and Ataturk Airport. The SADAT needs to respond to the claims of those AKP supporters who are the victims of July 15th, before anyone’s accusations.

“..neither soldiers nor military officers, they were two people in the police uniform who were targeting the innocent people and opening fire towards them continuously”

Top-left, a young man, who is a pro-Erdogan, declares by swearing that neither soldiers nor military officers, they were two people in the police uniform who were targeting the innocent people and opening fire towards them continuously[1].  Top-right, another witness on the Bosphorus Bridge is stating that snipers were even opening fire towards individuals who were trying to help injured innocents and even to Ambulances[2]. Bottom, some eyewitnesses on the Bosphorus Bridge are stating that the individual who shot and killed innocent people was a sniper and they could not see him/her as he hides[3].

Nihal Olçok is expressing how her husband, Erol Olçok and his son Abdullah Tayyip Olçok were killed by a sniper in a planned manner[4].

“…the person who shot and killed people from the top of the Istanbul Stock Exchange Building was a sniper.”

“…people who shot my wife and were definitely snipers”

On the left, Müslüm Ergin, who was injured during the events of that night, declares that the person who shot and killed people from the top of the Istanbul Stock Exchange Building was a sniper[5].  On the right, Ali Usta, who was also injured in the events, is stating that people who shot my wife and were definitely snipers. He is also expressing that the trajectory of the bullet which hits his arm apparently proves that[6].

On the left, Muteber Ayabak is declaring that her son, Mahir Ayabak (in the middle), who went out to support Erdoğan on the night of July 15, was killed by snipers hide in a black minibus. A black minibus shown on the right was used to smuggle a person in Ankara on December 21st, 2016.


Autopsy and Ballistic Reviews

“Make public what you have in hand. Why don’t you share transparently?”

The topic Erdogan and his partisans fear most are how and by whom the people died on 15th of July. The only word to Erdogan and his partisans about the autopsy and ballistic reviews should be following: “Make public what you have in hand. Why don’t you share transparently?” For example, at that night, on Bosphorus Bridge, the two of the people who killed by sniper are Erol Olcok and his son, Abdullah Tayyip Olcok. Erol Olcok was Erdogan’s comrade and his election campaigns coordinator. Olcok and his son were in the very first protestor group that walks to the bridge when the events have just started. Olcok’s wife, Nihal Olcok, has declared in a TV program very clearly that her husband and son have been killed by a sniper who knows them and pointed his gun at them on purpose. Below, autopsy reports of two 15th of July victims, Erol and Abdullah Tayyip Olcok, and their evaluation are added. By the way, it is already mentioned above that there are witnesses who claim that there were people opened fire to the public not only from the Bridge but also from hills nearby the Bridge.






SNIPER on the BRIDGE (The other gunman opened fire towards the public deployed at hills covered by trees on the Asia side)


bridge 3

Review Results of Erol and Tayyip Olcok Autopsy Reports

·         According to the reports, the shot was NOT held from a short distance.

·         Bullet entry and exit points are specified in details.

·         Erol and Tayyip Olcok have been shot with ONE bullet each.

·         Since it is stated that Erol Olcok was trying to convince soldiers, he must have been very close to them.

·         The shot has been held with a 7.62mm bullet from a high 30-40 degrees elevation point.

·         The place of a sniper at the Bridge tower and the trajectory of the bullet support the Olcok’s wife claims that her husband was killed by a sniper.


[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiOJoaR-l4Y (time at the footage 06:50)

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[6] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHr9GT4LeYA (time at the footage 01:50)

How the Turkish Armed Forces Is Being Reshaped


How the Turkish Armed Forces Is Being Reshaped

The AKP government declared state of emergency for three months right after the 15th July 2016 coup attempt that Erdogan described as “a gift from God” and as a violation of Constitution has repeatedly extended it so far. By this state of emergency, he has been ruling Turkey with the decrees without any control of Supreme Court and Parliament. Despite having no right, by abusing these decrees the Government has purged overwhelming numbers, around 150,000 public officials including %80 of entire serving generals and admirals along with %90 of staff officers who have secular and democratic worldviews, care about human rights and consider being in good terms with Western countries and NATO.

The structure of the Turkish Armed Forces has been permanently changed by a decree. The Commands of Army, Navy and Air Forces, which had been under the command of General Staff, to the Ministry of National Defense and thus turned the General Staff into a consultant and symbolic position, which undermined the command control in the army, disrupted the ability of planning and coordination, and paralyzed the bedrock of the Armed Forces. Beside these regulations, in an attempt to eradicate its democratic and secular base established by Ataturk, the structure and modus operandi of Supreme Military Counsil (Yüksek Askeri Şura-YAŞ) also has been changed. YAŞ determines promotions, appointments and retirements of generals and high-ranking staff officers in Turkish Armed Forces, as well as for dismissal of military personnel from the army and extension of service for some high-ranking staff officers. Now, it overwhelmingly consists of Ministers instead four-star Generals.

On the other hand, Erdogan has given the authorization to inject his political Islamic thoughts into the military. If one examines the outcomes of two supreme military councils after July 15, 2016, it can be seen how politics infiltrate into the military as well as decision on promotions, appointments and retirements of military staff. Those are made according to their loyalties to Erdogan and Perincek, head of ultra-nationalist Political Vatan Party, instead of competencies.

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In 2016 YAŞ,  Erdogan and his political party AKP handed over critical positions in the chain of command to ultra nationalist military staff by the help of the group linked to Perincek and defendants of Ergenekon and Balyoz cases while , many generals and admirals were silently forced to resign before the YAS to  hide Erdogan’s dismissal score.

As for the 2017 YAŞ decisions; an oddness is seen at first glance Despite the already vacant positions in the high level of generals, only 6 generals and admirals have been promoted to higher ranks, while 14 Generals and Admirals in the ranks of Major, Lieutenant, and Four Star/Admiral General have been retired from the command echelon which is crippling the command and control even more. In fact, this strangeness can be explained by the fact that these positions were kept for the supporters of Erdogan and Perinçek in the Armed Forces, who are in lower ranks and are not on the promotion line yet. By retirees and limited number of promotions, possible future rivals of pro-Erdogan and pro-Perincek were eliminated. After July 15, 2016, mostly pro-Western generals and admirals, who were not jailed and remained in the Army without being discharged, have been purged with the last Council.

When the last two YAŞ decisions are examined, we can see that they try to reach the same aim using a different tactic. With the last Council, it seems that Erdogan keeps looking after his ‘Gang Allies’ whichever might be. The only criteria for promotion is either being linked to one of the gang allies (SADAT, nationalist gangs in the line of Sedat Peker, Sledgehammer-Ergenekon Structure, ultra-nationalist, pro-Russian Perincek Structure/Gang) or being totally unqualified or unskilled. The smallest tendency towards democratic values or NATO, the US, the EU camp is a criterion of inadmissibility in promotion.

In a nutshell; the common characteristics of the newly promoted group is their being detached from NATO, the US and the EU, and even blaming them as the reason for every negative development in the country. It is crystal clear that the promoted pro-Erdogan opportunists and political Islamists will be easily controlled by the ultra-nationalist wing generals because, they were chosen from the unqualified weak candidates among their peers and for the upcoming promotions they will not be qualified to be rivals to the ultra-nationalists. At the end of the day, armed forces will be controlled by ultra-nationalists (Sledgehammer-Ergenekon and Perincek structure).