SADAT’s 15th of July Document and Its Evaluation

In our country (Turkey), the basis of problems of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law root from distancing off the values such as honesty and transparency, using shortcuts, stargazing, favoritism, moral inconsistency and using both national and religious values and tradition in personal benefits. These actions lead to sacrifice anything to one’s favor. The very same problems prepared the ground for the monumental collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The problems inherited from the Ottoman Empire stood as the biggest challenges during the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. These problems were the greatest handicaps on the way to building a modern civilization.  The culprits of these problems share insincerity, dishonesty, intolerance to others, envying all that is “the other”, with a wholesale understanding, hatred against voices other than theirs, condemning others instead of criticizing themselves, giving up their values and discourse of yesterday when an opportunistic way, justifying the ends by the means, using anything that is dear to the nation like Islam, national history and Ataturk to the very end in a Machiavallist sense, regardless of their labels like right-wing/ left-wing/ socialist/ fascist/ nationalist/ religious, regardless of their political, religious, or ethnic identities.

This mentality surfaced in the pogrom of 6-7 September 1955, preparing ground for the conflicts between left and right, Alevites and Sunnis before 12th September 1980 coup, underground organizations, DHKP-C, PKK, Hizbullah, counterinsurgency, Yesil, Susurluk gang and nowadays Erdogan and AKP having their backs, and even intertwined all illegal constructions, including SADAT, are being faced. A part of society is, unfortunately, supporting SADAT and similar criminal organizations because of the moral collapse. The document prepared by SADAT for July 15 claims shows that the company has been dragged by the problems mentioned above.

SADAT or another corporation, regardless of the owner of the corporation and whoever supports it, as long as the company doesn’t violate the laws of our country, doesn’t give up being open to the inspection of its activities and doesn’t hurt the fundamental rights of any individual and the interests of the country, criticizing of the firm is out of question. However, a company that doesn’t obey those fundamental rules of law, regardless of the owner whether it is set up by a retired general and its crew or introduces himself as a rescuer of Islamic World or declares that he’ll be the remedy of the significant problems of Turkey and Muslim community, it cannot escape from being criticized, being tried in a court when the law is back in Turkey and even answering to the whole world in front of the international tribunals in the future.

In the document prepared by SADAT, instead of giving satisfactory and clear answers to the serious and tangible suspicions about the corporation that have been brought up to the agenda for the last 5 years, people who claim the allegations are accused, plenty of logos, picture and slogan have been used, Erdogan and his government have been advertised with “inside the activities” approach. The overall document was prepared with a focus to win tenders and leave word with the government. It seems more like a political party brochure.

One must be conscienceless not to see the behaviors incompatible with human dignity, the systematic, extensive, known-by-everybody and massive amount of torture that have not been ever seen in our country’s history, the cleaning out process of Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), the wasting thousands of TAF personnel arbitrarily who haven’t been involved in any way into the scene, the filling thousands of innocent people into the jail, the high pressure that Erdogan put onto the judgement, the ugliness he reveals to manage the jurisdiction for the sake of his benefit. SADAT wrote its document as if the country is in the shape of perfect justice. By doing so, it folds up the suspicions on its activities and relationships. In fact, the following questions to SADAT would reveal the whole truth clearly:

Instead of in Turkey, can such a secret, dark, shady and unsupervised corporation be established in a democratic country where people are educated and conscious, the leaders are dedicated to protecting human rights and freedom, the law, and justice -instead of arbitrariness- own the country? Assuming it is established, can it live such long?


Those who prepared the SADAT document formed their documents with accusations based on prediction and slander, while they are stating that they were exposed to charges based on forecast and slander.

Page 7: “Probably, if the coup had succeeded, the crimes of coup plotters would be calumniated to SADAT Corporation, and real criminals would be acquitted.”

Page 10: “They addresses many accusations to SADAT with several lies and slanders to hide the blood on their hands from the night of July 15 and, at the same time, kill two birds with one stone.”

Page 13: “The aim is to perplex people by obscuring their crimes related to the 34 people, including two police officers, killed by the shootings with heavy machine guns and infantry rifles over the tanks on the bridge, yet more than so, to form a basis for the steps against to Turkey with creating wrong perception in the West.”

Page 14-15: “Although more than one year passed since July 15, 2016, even today a black spot still appears at the same point as we cross the bridge. I wonder if they forgot the sniper at there!!!”

Page 14: “…There is a picture got from a television channel (A Haber), which is a part of this black propaganda.”
SADAT, instead of saying “Our members for sure did not use a gun on July 15”, claimed that “There were no snipers on July 15”, which will be reminded them while being judged in the future. SADAT only tried to refuse the claim of snipers on Bosphorus Bridge, while there are sound and severe pieces of evidence about the existence of snipers in different places in Istanbul like Bosphorus Bridge, Stock Exchange Building, Ataturk Airport. The news about the snipers was kept on the agenda, and the interviews with the witnesses were done by the channels which are pro-Erdogan. The accusing statement about A Haber in SADAT‘s document perplex people more. Why does pro-Erdogan channel A Haber organize a smear campaign against SADAT? If this information in A Haber is not right, on which subjects did, A Haber do guidance news and organize smear campaign?

In the document of SADAT, instead of saying, “Even today, a silhouette is being seen in the same place,” it would carry more conviction if a photograph of the silhouette was shown. By the way, while several people testified that a sniper was present on the leg of the Bosphorus Bridge, also there are some AKP supporters who declared that the other sniper deployed on the hill in the vicinity. The witnesses, who revealed that gunmen shot innocent people and killed the civilians on July 15, are AKP supporters or their relatives who went out on that night to support Erdogan. These individuals and their families come under fire and were injured on the Bosphorus Bridge, at nearby the Istanbul Stock Exchange Building and Ataturk Airport. The SADAT needs to respond to the claims of those AKP supporters who are the victims of July 15th, before anyone’s accusations.

“..neither soldiers nor military officers, they were two people in the police uniform who were targeting the innocent people and opening fire towards them continuously”

Top-left, a young man, who is a pro-Erdogan, declares by swearing that neither soldiers nor military officers, they were two people in the police uniform who were targeting the innocent people and opening fire towards them continuously[1].  Top-right, another witness on the Bosphorus Bridge is stating that snipers were even opening fire towards individuals who were trying to help injured innocents and even to Ambulances[2]. Bottom, some eyewitnesses on the Bosphorus Bridge are stating that the individual who shot and killed innocent people was a sniper and they could not see him/her as he hides[3].

Nihal Olçok is expressing how her husband, Erol Olçok and his son Abdullah Tayyip Olçok were killed by a sniper in a planned manner[4].

“…the person who shot and killed people from the top of the Istanbul Stock Exchange Building was a sniper.”

“…people who shot my wife and were definitely snipers”

On the left, Müslüm Ergin, who was injured during the events of that night, declares that the person who shot and killed people from the top of the Istanbul Stock Exchange Building was a sniper[5].  On the right, Ali Usta, who was also injured in the events, is stating that people who shot my wife and were definitely snipers. He is also expressing that the trajectory of the bullet which hits his arm apparently proves that[6].

On the left, Muteber Ayabak is declaring that her son, Mahir Ayabak (in the middle), who went out to support Erdoğan on the night of July 15, was killed by snipers hide in a black minibus. A black minibus shown on the right was used to smuggle a person in Ankara on December 21st, 2016.


Autopsy and Ballistic Reviews

“Make public what you have in hand. Why don’t you share transparently?”

The topic Erdogan and his partisans fear most are how and by whom the people died on 15th of July. The only word to Erdogan and his partisans about the autopsy and ballistic reviews should be following: “Make public what you have in hand. Why don’t you share transparently?” For example, at that night, on Bosphorus Bridge, the two of the people who killed by sniper are Erol Olcok and his son, Abdullah Tayyip Olcok. Erol Olcok was Erdogan’s comrade and his election campaigns coordinator. Olcok and his son were in the very first protestor group that walks to the bridge when the events have just started. Olcok’s wife, Nihal Olcok, has declared in a TV program very clearly that her husband and son have been killed by a sniper who knows them and pointed his gun at them on purpose. Below, autopsy reports of two 15th of July victims, Erol and Abdullah Tayyip Olcok, and their evaluation are added. By the way, it is already mentioned above that there are witnesses who claim that there were people opened fire to the public not only from the Bridge but also from hills nearby the Bridge.






SNIPER on the BRIDGE (The other gunman opened fire towards the public deployed at hills covered by trees on the Asia side)


bridge 3

Review Results of Erol and Tayyip Olcok Autopsy Reports

·         According to the reports, the shot was NOT held from a short distance.

·         Bullet entry and exit points are specified in details.

·         Erol and Tayyip Olcok have been shot with ONE bullet each.

·         Since it is stated that Erol Olcok was trying to convince soldiers, he must have been very close to them.

·         The shot has been held with a 7.62mm bullet from a high 30-40 degrees elevation point.

·         The place of a sniper at the Bridge tower and the trajectory of the bullet support the Olcok’s wife claims that her husband was killed by a sniper.


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