Who did give the orders in the night of military coup?

Original copy of the order

The content of the order, above, claimed given by Col. Osman Kardal at Armed Forces  Command Operation Center (SKKHM) is translated below:

From:                    General Staff (GENKUR)

To:                          MAGG 5101


KGK:                      WAA

Subject:               Preparation Notice and Dispatch of the Units

  1. Due to emergency in country-wide, Turkish Armed Forces with its all units, organizations and Headquarters are going to carry out all duty given, provide and maintain the security, and take the all necessary measurements without hesitation.
  2. Hereby; all units, organizations, and Headquarters:
    • Complete its preparations as soon as possible
    • Be ready to execute the orders given by General Staff
  3. Hereby, primarily:
    • 1th Gendarmerie Commando Brigade /Cakirsogut and available unit of Special Forces Command are going to move to Ankara, at once.
    • To carry out the dispatch immediately, Force Commands of both two units’ commanders and other corps have been given proper authority of coordination

Col. Osman Kardal stated in his testimony that he did not give that order.

“Some people framed me up using my name and office to write this message. This message was sent from a different place out of Armed Forces  Command Operation Center using my name.”

According to this document and testimony of Col. Osman Kardal:

  • Units did not know the attempt of the military coup
  • Special Forces unit were called with order. General Semih Terzi came to Ankara to follow the order.

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