Example of Military Victims

There are hundreds of military officials, including generals and senior officers, who strived to suppress the dissenting activities and supported Government officials on 15 July. Although they were declared as heroes immediately after the suppression, high-ranking Government officials and the pro-Government media started a massive campaign against them in the following days. Eventually, most of them were arrested on charges of leading the coup, attempting to topple down the Government and change the regime in Turkey.


General Akin OZTURK, the former Chief of Turkish Air Force until August 2015, was the member of the Supreme Military Council and had no units under his command… To continue reading



adem-hudutiHe was the commander of the 2nd Army, Malatya at the day. The Second Army, based in Malatya, protects Turkey’s borders with Syria, Iraq, and Iran… To continue reading…



huseyin-demirarslan-1Lt Gen DEMIRARSLAN was the Chief of Staff of Turkish Air Force HQ on 15 July 2016. He was at a military recreation resort with his family in Gumuldur, Izmir. After his son had been murdered in September 2013, he has refrained from attending celebrations like the wedding in Istanbul… To continue reading…


Lt Gen Erdal OZTURK

erdal-ozturkLt Gen OZTURK was the commander of 3rd Army Corps, Istanbul. On 15 July 2016, he made public announcements addressing the dissenting troops through national TV channels of NTV, NTV news portal, and TGRT Haber… To continue reading…