July 16, 01.00 am – 02.00 am

The 1st attack to Erdogan’s residence was not carried out by soldiers



  • A team arrived by helicopters nearby ERDOGAN’s residence, attacked and fired at the villa. The team exchanged fire with the police officers left behind.
  • Serkan YAZICI [1], owner of ERDOGAN’s residence, AKP deputy Nihat OZTURK [2], who accompanied ERDOGAN that night, and Ertugrul SAGLAM [3], a famous former soccer player and coach, who was spending his vacation at a nearby residence, all stated that the attack took place around half an hour after ERDOGAN’s departure.
  • Two policemen lost their lives at that night. There are claims of fraud on the autopsies of the two killed policemen. The doctor who officially participated in the process testified that one police officer lost his life, not because of a shot, but was fatally injured because of a possible knife attack [4].
  • After his arrival in Istanbul later on, ERDOGAN declared that his residence was attacked shortly after his departure and he could barely escape the attack.
  • ERDOGAN was right about the attack, but the team conducting the attack at 01:00 could not be from the Turkish Military. Because the team of Brig Gen SONMEZATES arrived at the holiday resort at 03:20.
  • This early attack must be investigated but there is yet no intention of the court to investigate it.



  • Shortly after the explosions in Ankara, Gen DUNDAR, commander of the 1st Army in Istanbul, talked to CNN Turk and other TV channels and ensured the nation the coup was held by a small group of Gulenists in the Military and was doomed to failure. He did not respond to the critical question about Gen AKAR’s status.
  • Although DUNDAR denied, ERDOGAN’s son-in-law Berat ALBAYRAK stated that DUNDAR was directed by ERDOGAN to talk to the TV[5].
  • DUNDAR used a careful language anytime he talked to the media, during and after the event. Although he knew the answer, he did not reply to the question about AKAR’s status deliberately. This resulted in two consequences. First, some dissenters continued to believe that AKAR was on their side. Second, the public stayed in the dark about what was happening in the country.
  • During the events, DUNDAR was in full and close coordination with ERDOGAN, YILDIRIM, FIDAN, AKP agents in Istanbul, AKSAKALLI, and pro-ERDOGAN military officials in Ankara.



  • Shortly after the explosions in Ankara, Maj Gen AKSAKALLI talked to TGRT TV and ensured the nation that the coup was held by Gulenists in the Military and was doomed to failure. He deliberately did not reply to the question about Gen AKAR’s status, although he had the information.
  • According to his testimony, Sadik USTUN from MIT helped him contact with the media.
  • DUNDAR and AKSAKALLI concerted their actions closely.



  • ERDOGAN flew by helicopter to Dalaman Airport from an unknown location in Marmaris.



  • Turkish Parliament started a convention about the events.
  • Some Government Ministers, including Bekir BOZDAG, were remarkably calm during the convention.



  • ERDOGAN took off from Dalaman Airport for Istanbul Ataturk Airport. His airplane squawked a civilian airliner identification code to deceive possible F-16 interceptors[6].
  • ERDOGAN had full confidence that even if he were recognized by night identification capable F-16s, the dissenters would never shoot at his airplane.



  • Shortly after ERDOGAN’s departure from Marmaris, AKSAKALLI appeared on NTV and repeated his previous message. But added a remark: “The attempt had failed!” He declined again to respond to the question about Gen AKAR’s status.
  • AKSAKALLI knew ERDOGAN’s departure from Dalaman and synchronized his messages accordingly.

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