July 16, 02.00 am – 02.30 am

Who ordered Gen Terzi to come Special Forces HQ?




  • Brig Gen TERZI landed at Etimesgut military airport, Ankara and flew by helicopter to Special Forces HQ at Golbasi, Ankara.
  • Seven out of the 24 Special Forces personnel who traveled with TERZI to Ankara stayed behind at the airport. The others accompanied TERZI to the Special Forces HQ.
  • Following TERZI’s departure, the ones who stayed at the airport called AKSAKALLI to inform him about TERZI’s moves[1]. Upon AKSAKALLI’s directive, they arrested the dissenting personnel at their location.
  • The ones stayed behind had been planted by AKSAKALLI in TERZI’s team, days before 15 July.



Golbasi- Special Forces HQ

  • TERZI and the group accompanying him were allowed to enter the Special Forces HQ compound in accordance with AKSAKALLI’s previous directive[2]!
  • Shortly after welcoming TERZI, Master Sergeant Omer HALISDEMIR, Military Aide to AKSAKALLI, shot at TERZI and killed him on AKSAKALLI’s previous directive.
  • Some personnel accompanying TERZI immediately responded with counter fire. HALISDEMIR wounded heavily.
  • The last two fatal shots directly towards HALISDEMIR’s chest were from 1st Lt (First Lieutenant) Mihrali ATMACA[3], who was also loyal to AKSAKALLI[4].
  • After the attempt, AKSAKALLI congratulated ATMACA and defended his innocence in his official post-event report. AKSAKALLI claimed the personnel loyal to him were initially not aware that TERZI was a dissenter and changed sides as soon as they figured out that TERZI was a coupist[5].
  • After 15 July, AKSAKALLI tasked ATMACA and other loyal officers in TERZI’s team to arrest and interrogate Special Forces personnel involved in the events, using special torture techniques.
  • The suspect 1st Lt. Enes YILMAZ testified that TERZI was invited to Ankara by Special Forces Commander AKSAKALLI[6].
  • Another suspect Maj Fatih SAHIN stated in his defense that the group of Special Forces personnel who accompanied TERZI was transferred to Diyarbakir from different locations by AKSAKALLI’s written order, a few days before the attempt[7].
  • Many Special Forces personnel and other military personnel[8], including a female protocol officer from the TGS HQ[9], testified that they were interrogated, threatened with their lives, beaten and tortured at the TGS and Special Forces HQs by Lt Gen AKSAKALLI and his loyalists. They told they were forced to confess that they were Gulenists and offered to give the names of other Gulenists not to be tortured [10] [11].
  • The whole team accompanying TERZI had been formed earlier by Captain Ahmet Kemal YILMAZ, who was allegedly the most loyalist person to AKSAKALLI among the group. In fact, 20 out of 24 Special Forces personnel were loyal to AKSAKALLI.
  • AKSAKALLI’s loyalists could have arrested TERZI before letting HALISDEMIR kill him. But according to AKSAKALLI’s plan, TERZI must have been killed. Simply because TERZI was the connecting link between AKSAKALLI and the dissenters.
  • After the attempt, the personnel on TERZI’s team were tasked to secure Special Forces HQ for two weeks. They were the only personnel allowed to carry weapons.




  • The detained Chief of Air Force Gen UNAL was brought to Akinci Base. He was not handcuffed and his guards accompanied him.
  • He came to an F-16 Squadron and met F-16 pilots who were planning missions over Ankara. According to suspect testimonies, he greeted the pilots warmly and seemed cheerful. The caused the pilots to believe that he was in support of what they were doing.



  • The leader of the team of SONMEZATES, a Special Operations Major Sukru SEYMEN, was allegedly in continuous contact with someone in Ankara until the team took off from the Cigli Airbase, Izmir. The person in Ankara first canceled, and then postponed the mission. This caused confusion among the team.
  • After several chaotic hours, Maj SEYMEN finally was called from Ankara again and the team was cleared for the mission. Finally, the helicopters could take off.
  • Four helicopter pilots in the team of SONMEZATES were, in fact, loyal to pro-ERDOGAN military officials. Thus, they used fake technical excuses to delay and spoil the mission and continuously reported actions taken by the dissenters to Ankara.



  • Ataturk Airport Control Tower was retaken by police from the dissenters.



  • MIT Press Representative Nuh YILMAZ declared on the media that “the coup is suppressed.”
  • Although not clearly stated, YILMAZ’s implied message was: “ERDOGAN safely took off from Marmaris and the mission of SONMEZATES was successfully foiled”.

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