July 16, 02.30 am – 04.00 am

Erdogan left Marmaris 3 hours earlier before putschist came to capture him



  • The garden of Turkish Parliament (in Turkish TBMM) was allegedly bombed by an F-16. 32 people injured. (It was obvious that the attack was symbolic, avoiding any harm to MPs (Members of Parliament)). The explosion is under investigation.
  • Some Government Ministers, including Bekir BOZDAG, were very calm during the attack and insisted that the MPs had to stay and if necessary die in the building to encourage the public on the streets, resisting the dissenters.
  • Bekir BOZDAG’s ultimate confidence is strange.
  • Parliament is historically a highly respected entity for Turkish people. In no previous military coups in Turkish history had Parliament been bombed. It must have been clear for the dissenters that bombing the Parliament would cause a strong sense of opposition, outrage, and unity among people to rally behind ERDOGAN.



  • TRT was taken by the police from dissenters and started broadcasting against the dissenters.



  • TURKSAT satellite compound was allegedly bombed by an F-16. The explosion is under investigation.



  • The team of Brig Gen SONMEZATES landed with helicopters to a place close to the villa where ERDOGAN stayed. But he had left the villa more than three hours ago.
  • The team exchanged fire with the police officers left behind. Two policemen lost their lives, either in the previous attack or in this one.
  • ERDOGAN left some policemen behind in an empty residence, although he knew that a team would be coming. Those policemen were left behind to report the time of arrival of the team and became subject to an exchange of fire with it.
  • The policemen surrendered, but the mission was unsuccessful because of ERDOGAN’s much earlier departure.
  • Due to an earlier delay to the mission, while the engines were running, the helicopters had a fuel shortage. The ground fire prevented helicopters from taking back the team. Thus, they flew to the nearby Air Force Station located at Dalaman Airport to refuel but were denied and called to surrender.
  • Air Force Lt Gen Yilmaz OZKAYA, who was spending his vacation in a military recreation resort nearby, had been already in contact with the local military unit commanders and the Governor since the early hours of the events[1].
  • Lt Gen OZKAYA, the Governor of the district, and the Police Chief were at the airport and took measures against the helicopters.
  • They called the military units in advance not to provide fuel to the helicopters, which would possibly come and ask for fuel[2].
  • The helicopters had to fly to a nearby Naval Air Station where they were refueled. However, the helicopters could never come back and had to leave their team with a single choice: escape on foot.
  • AKSAKALLI, FIDAN, and ERDOGAN had known dissenters’ operation in Marmaris before and could track the mission preparation and execution through AKSAKALLI’s infiltrators inside.
  • Air Force Lt Gen Yilmaz OZKAYA’s presence in Dalaman was not expected since all high-level Air Force Generals were at the wedding in Istanbul that night. Lt Gen OZKAYA preferred to stay in a military recreation resort nearby Marmaris, instead of attending this important wedding.
  • OZKAYA’s presence helped ERDOGAN a lot. He facilitated ERDOGAN’s safe departure from DALAMAN to Istanbul. He should have been in continuous contact with the Air Force Chief, Gen Abidin UNAL.
  • The primary target of a coup is always key Government figures. However, except for an alleged raid against ERDOGAN, that was not the case. No other Government members, including Prime Minister YILDIRIM, had been targeted. The Prime Minister and several other ministers went live on TVs, addressing the public during the coup.



  • ERDOGAN’s VIP aircraft landed at Istanbul Ataturk Airport after a long holding nearby. The aircraft, hidden by a Turkish Airlines identification squawk, arrived at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul without intervention from F-16s in close proximity.
  • ERDOGAN’s airplane held airborne for 47 minutes to synchronize his landing with the arrival of SONMEZATES in Marmaris. The policemen left behind reported the team’s moves to ERDOGAN, YILDIRIM; DUNDAR, FIDAN, and AKSAKALLI.
  • DUNDAR, the Governor of Istanbul and the Police Chief met him at the airport.
  • ERDOGAN claims that this was the first time he learned that AKAR was detained by the dissenters. Thus, he assigned Gen DUNDAR as the temporary Chief of Turkish Military since AKAR was detained[3].
  • ERDOGAN lies about when he learned AKAR was detained. Because according to AKSAKALLI’s testimony, AKSAKALLI, who had continuous contact with FIDAN and ERDOGAN, learned about the detention hours earlier.
  • ERDOGAN waited for his arrival to Istanbul to temporarily assign DUNDAR as the Chief of Turkish Military. This delay caused some dissenters to believe that AKAR was on their side.
  • DUNDAR’s interim assignment was meant to show off ERDOGAN’s ultimate authority over the Military as the Commander in Chief!



  • Turkish Parliament was allegedly bombed again by an F-16. The explosion is under investigation.
  • The rationale behind these late bombing remains unclear.



All Cities

  • Arrest warrants were issued against specific people, including generals, officers, judges, and prosecutors. The majority of them did not take part in the events at all.

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