July 16, 04.00 am – 12.15 pm

“A gift from God”



  • ERDOGAN addressed the public at Ataturk Airport and declared the “coup was defeated”.
  • He said there were some movements in Turkish Military on the afternoon of the 15th of July. Some days later, he denied his statement about the timing and said he first learned the movements around 21:30 that night.
  • He also added that the coupists attacked his villa in Marmaris shortly after his departure. He called the bloody events of the night “A gift from God”.
  • Although ERDOGAN knew the first group of attackers was not from Turkish Military, he expressed the attack as if it was made by the Turkish Military personnel.
  • ERDOGAN’s expression, “A gift from God” speaks for itself!




  • First F-16s were launched against dissenters’ F-16s with authority to shoot them down.



  • The third assault by a team arrived in helicopters took place against the police in the villa[1]. The helicopters gunned the hotel.
  • This third attack has to be investigated.
  • 05:37

Ankara and Other cities

  • The dissenters allegedly circulated a WhatsApp message urging a peaceful surrender without posing any risk to lives.



  • An F-16 allegedly bombed a road junction and a car-parking near ERDOGAN’s palace. 15 people lost their lives. The explosion is under investigation.
  • The rationale behind this late bombing remains unclear.



Akinci Airbase

  • Dissenters agreed to stop all of their operations and negotiated with the officials to peacefully surrender.



  • Dissenters blocking the bridges surrendered. But they were fatally attacked by ERDOGAN’s militia. Two cadets were beaten to death. Many soldiers were beaten heavily.



  • As the acting chief of the military Commander of 1st Army Gen DUNDAR declared in the media that “the coup was completely suppressed”.



  •  Gen AKAR flew by a helicopter from Akinci Airbase to Prime Minister’s office in Ankara. Although later accused as a dissenter, Maj Gen DISLI accompanied him.
  • DISLI worked at the Prime Minister’s team to facilitate surrenders. He was later arrested and accused of being a coupist and Gulenist.
  • The helicopter crew who flew AKAR to Prime Minister’s office in Ankara were also arrested and accused of being coupists and Gulenists.



  • Gen DUNDAR made a press statement about AKAR’s release. He praised ERDOGAN for his firm resistance against the coupists. He said the uprising failed because of ERDOGAN’s resistance.



  • F-4 2020 jets, which took off from Eskisehir, bombed Akinci Base to prevent further F-16 takeoffs.
  • This was a showcase attack ordered by YILDIRIM. The dissenters had already given up hours prior.



  • Prime Minister YILDIRIM, accompanied by Gen AKAR, made a press statement and repeated that the coup was completely suppressed and AKAR was assigned back to his position.
  • YILDIRIM thanked Turkish Public for their firm stance behind the democracy and against the uprising.

[1] http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/ertugrul-saglam-cumhurbaskaninin-oteline-4-saatte-3-kez-saldirdilar-40155191