July 16, 12.00 am – 01.00 am

Erdogan’s 1st appearance on TV over Face-Time



  • The Police Special Forces Compound was allegedly bombed by an F-16. 44 policemen lost their lives. The explosion is under investigation.



Cigli Airbase

  • Brig Gen SONMEZATES and his team allegedly boarded helicopters to start the mission to capture ERDOGAN. The team was directed by phone calls from Ankara. However, the mission was first canceled and then postponed because of a call from a colonel at TGS HQ. The team lost almost two and a half hours during this confusion.
  • AKSAKALLI, through his clandestine personnel among dissenters, kept track of the mission and had much influence in delaying it. The delay to SONMEZATES’s mission benefitted ERDOGAN.



YAZICI’s villa

  • ERDOGAN, two hours after the arrival of journalists from Sozcu, TRT, AA, DHA, IHA, and the local media to his villa, finally talked to them. He claimed that Gulenists were behind the coup and evoked Turkish people to confront and stop them. The only question during the speech was whether he would stay in or leave Marmaris. He said he was going to leave.
  • Interestingly, this crucial five-minute speech was not broadcast countrywide. The reason is unknown.
  • During the talk, ERDOGAN unintentionally leaked that he was about to leave Marmaris. This was not the information he wanted to share with the public, thus with the dissenters.



  • ERDOGAN was not directly transferred to Dalaman Airport but flown to an unknown location in Marmaris because Dalaman was too dangerous due to the nearby Air Force and Navy units [1].
  • ERDOGAN was evacuated from the villa in Marmaris with a helicopter [2] to an unknown location nearby until he made sure that his VIP aircraft from Izmir landed at Dalaman Airport and it was safe to fly the helicopter to the VIP aircraft.
  • ERDOGAN’s interim location before boarding his aircraft is not known.



  • ERDOGAN talked to CNN TURK, NTV, and TGRT TVs through the “Face-Time” application from the unknown location and urged people to streets and squares to confront and stop the coup plotters.
  • During his address to the public, he stressed the urgency to retake the Ataturk Airport from the dissenters. He encouraged the Generals on his side to stay brave and take decisive actions to confront the dissenters.
  • ERDOGAN’s first live appearance on TV was organized by ERDOGAN’s Secretary Hasan DOGAN, the MIT Press Representative Nuh YILMAZ and pro-ERDOGAN journalists Hande FIRAT, and Abdulkadir SELVI.
  • By this time, the events had intensified and were largely covered by the domestic and the international media.
  • ERDOGAN’s live address to the public was the turning point for the events that night.
  • ERDOGAN, in fact, did not need thousands of people to take over the gate and tower of Ataturk Airport since the number of the dissenters was very limited. A small scale police operation could have been enough. However, he needed to seemingly mobilize the public through the media to stop dissenters so that he could portray himself as a hero.



  • ERDOGAN later mentioned in an interview with the media outlet A HABER that, for his escape plan that night, four different aircraft were previously prepared at four different locations to confuse the dissenters. They were prepared in Dalaman, Izmir, Bodrum and Cildir/Aydin [3].
  • ERDOGAN’s VIP airplane from Izmir landed at Dalaman airport to fly him to Istanbul.
  • ERDOGAN’s complicated and professional escape plan is clear evidence that he was previously well aware of the dissenters’ plan to detain him in Marmaris. Planning four aircraft at four different locations must have started much earlier.
  • ERDOGAN’s awareness in advance indicates, at the same time, the awareness of YILDIRIM, the Government Ministers, FIDAN, AKSAKALLI and the other pro-ERDOGAN officials in the Military.



  • Ankara Police Department HQ was allegedly bombed by an F-16. Two policemen lost their lives. The explosion is under investigation.

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