July 5 – July 15

Important events are listed below regarding 15 July.

5 July 2016


  • AKAR and service chiefs visited military units in Marmaris few days before ERDOGAN’s arrival for a secret vacation.

9 July 2016


  • ERDOGAN returned to Turkey from NATO’s Warsaw summit and traveled to Antalya for an official event. From there on, he avoided any exposure to the media and the public for around a week. Avoiding media so long has never been his routine.
  • ERDOGAN started hiding his location well before 15 July because of his awareness.

10 July 2016


  • The Coast Guard ordered the yachts at the Otluk Koyu (cove) in Marmaris to clear the area. This activity was shared with the public in the media.
  • ERDOGAN’s official residence was located in this cove but he stayed in a place around 20 km southeast.
  • ERDOGAN’s place of residence was covered by the Coast Guard’s activity.
  • ERDOGAN, in fact, did not stay at this residence. He states that he stayed at a friend Serkan YAZICI’s villa at the GRAND YAZICI Vacation Resort, roughly 25 km to the south[1].

11 July 2016


  • Until the night of 15 July, ERDOGAN’s first and only exposure to the media was on this day. He was photographed boarding a helicopter in Istanbul.



  • ERDOGAN flew to Marmaris from Istanbul clandestinely and landed at the small Cildir Airfield near Aydin. This airfield is roughly 150 km north of Marmaris.
  • ERDOGAN intentionally did not land at Dalaman airfield, which is only roughly 40 km southeast of Marmaris, to disguise his arrival.
  • ERDOGAN did not tell his Military Aides about his travel plan and did not allow them to escort him. This was extraordinary since his Military Aides were responsible for his entire schedule.
  • ERDOGAN states that he stayed at Serkan YAZICI’s villa at his Resort [2].
  • Serkan YAZICI told the hotel personnel at the GRAND YAZICI Holiday Resort that a foreign high-level politician was hosted and they were not allowed to serve the guest. ERDOGAN brought his cook and maids with him. ERDOGAN and his family almost never went outside the villa they were staying in [3].
  • Deliberate measures were taken by ERDOGAN to hide his arrival and place of residence.

13 July 2016


  • Gokmen ULU from the newspaper “Sozcu” traveled to Marmaris to search for the exact location of ERDOGAN [4].
  • ULU’s travel served ERDOGAN on 15 July 2016.

14 July 2016


  • Shortly before the events, Upon the Commander of the Special Forces, Major General (Maj Gen) Zekai AKSAKALLI’s written directive, several personnel of Special Forces units, taking part in anti-terror operations in Amanos Mountains, southern Turkey, were ordered to quit the recently started 4-month-long operation and report directly to Brigadier General (Brig Gen) Semih TERZI, who was assigned to Silopi, southeast of Turkey [5].
  • TERZI, an alleged dissenter, tasked a captain, who was strictly loyal to AKSAKALLI to form a team of personnel to escort him for his travel to Ankara on 15 July. TERZI and his team’s travel to Ankara the next day has turned out to be very controversial at the end.
  • The events of the day clearly indicate that AKSAKALLI was ERDOGAN’s and FIDAN’s primary exploiter and infiltrator in the Military. He organized and provoked a series of events paving the way for the events on 15 July.


  • One of ERDOGAN’s closest allies and Patriotic Party Leader Dogu PERINCEK’s Deputy Atilla UGUR (a retired colonel from Turkish Army) [6] called and informed a journalist from the pro-ERDOGAN newspaper “Yeni Safak” about a coup which was going to take place in a few days.
  • This was PERINCEK’s deliberate move to evoke public expectation for an emerging coup. It also aimed to put pressure on dissenters by showing them that their plan was recognized and they needed to speed up the execution to be successful.

Ankara – Special Forces Command

  • A routine graduation ceremony took place at Special Forces Command, Golbasi-Ankara. In an unprecedented way, Chief of Turkish Military Gen Hulusi AKAR and Undersecretary of Turkish Intelligence Agency Hakan FIDAN attended the ceremony.
  •  After the ceremony, AKAR, FIDAN, and AKSAKALLI spent several hours in private, talking until midnight [7]. After AKAR’s departure at midnight, FIDAN and AKSAKALLI continued their private conversation for some hours.
  • FIDAN and AKSAKALLI were in full collaboration in preparing their plan for 15 July.
  • What AKAR and FIDAN talked about is not known.


What happened next?

July 15 Pre-noon – 04.00 pm: Where was ERDOGAN?


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