Pre-noon – 04.00 pm: Where was ERDOGAN?

What happened before?

July 5 – July 15


11:58 am


  • Gokmen ULU from the newspaper “Sozcu”, who had been in Marmaris for the last two days, questioned ERDOGAN’s location at Sozcu’s website. He even invited the readers to a poll to predict ERDOGAN’s exact location. The choices were interesting: Okluk Cove, a hotel, a friend’s villa, or outside the country [1]!
  • ULU’s poke served to provoke the dissenters’ focus on ERDOGAN’s precise location.
    Before noon



  • According to ERDOGAN and the Government, a Major from Army Aviation School, in Ankara allegedly went to the Turkish Intelligence Agency Headquarters and reported that he and some officers from the Army Aviation School were tasked to fly 2 SIKORSKY and 1 COUGAR helicopters, from 19:00 until late at night, and capture FIDAN.
  • MIT did not inform the Turkish Military about the report until 16:45 and failed to inform ERDOGAN and the Government until the events started later that night.
  • What happened at MIT from the first time the Major came till 16:45 is not yet accounted for.
  • There is no credible official information about who the Major was and what happened to him afterward.
  • The Major’s alleged report served ERDOGAN and FIDAN to build their version of the story.

Before noon



  • Maj Gen AKSAKALLI allowed Special Forces Brigade Commander and alleged dissenter Brig Gen Semih TERZI to travel to Ankara. AKSAKALLI rationalizes his permission on TERZI’s wife’s request the day before and TERZI’s call on July 15th to visit his father, who was sick in Ankara.
  • TERZI’s wife denied her request to AKSAKALLI and stated that TERZI was pulled into a trap in Ankara. TERZI’s wife was arrested a few weeks after 15 July.
  • On arrival, TERZI was killed by AKSAKALLI’s Military Aide. Later, the pro-ERDOGAN media portrayed TERZI as one of the leading actors of the alleged coup and a prominent Gulenist.
  • AKSAKALLI officially testified after the events that he had been meeting with the Undersecretary of Turkish Intelligence Agency (in Turkish, Milli Istihbarat Teskilati-MIT) Hakan FIDAN since May 2016 and sharing with him the names of possible Gulenists in the Military.
  • TERZI’s trip to Ankara was a deliberate plot prepared by AKSAKALLI to provoke the events of 15 July.



Cigli Airbase

  • Brig Gen Gokhan SOZMEZATES, coming from Istanbul, arrived at the Cigli Airbase.
  • He was later accused of preparing the mission at night to capture ERDOGAN [2].




  • Chief of Air Force, Gen Abidin UNAL officially visited the summer training camp of Air Force Academy in Yalova, near Istanbul. He addressed the cadets following the lunch [3].
  • Later that night, the cadets were tasked for a snap exercise and driven to the Bosphorus Bridge.




  • Chief of Turkish Naval Force ADM Bulent BOSTANOGLU and Commander of the Fleet ADM Veysel KOSELE had a long and non-routine one-on-one private meeting in Heybeliada, before their participation in the graduation ceremony of the Naval Military High School.




  • A meeting on military planning against terrorism took place at Turkish General Staff (TGS) Headquarters (HQ). The principal participants comprised Deputy of the Chief of Turkish Military Gen Yasar GULER, Army Chief of Staff Gen Ihsan UYAR, Maj Gen Zekai AKSAKALLI and around 20 more Generals.
  • Around 16:30 during the meeting, GULER received a memo and calmly left the room.
  • Attendees of the meeting commented on the memo, which had the word “coup” on it. They were under the impression that a coup, led by the Chief of General Staff Hulusi AKAR and Chiefs of the Services, was being initiated[4].
  • One attendee from Turkish Land Forces HQ testified that when he went back to Land Forces HQ and reported the about the “coup” to his supervisor Maj Gen Omer Sevki GENCTURK, his response was: “So, they are informed as well.”
  • GENCTURK later stayed at the HQ until late hours until he was arrested by the dissenters. He did not resist the arrest.
  • GENCTURK is currently the main coordinator of the purges in the Turkish Ministry of Defense.


What happened next?

04.30 – 06.30 pm: Did Erdogan go to Friday praying? What did Fidan talk Gen Akar at TGS?