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Timeline of Decisive Events

Quick Overview

No written plan for the alleged coup attempt has been discovered yet. The dissenters did not capture the prominent Government officials and did not seize many of the critical communication and transport nodes. The official declaration of the coup [1], broadcasted only on the state TV, TRT (Turkish Radio, Television), for a short duration. The declaration called for overthrowing the Government, declaring martial law, establishing the democratic norms and the rule of law in the country again. Neither the Parliamentary Investigation Commission [2] nor the judiciary indictments by the prosecutors [3] satisfactorily clarified who was leading the coup. The indictments allege the leadership framed 38 military officers. Obviously, neither forces mobilized, nor the actions taken were enough to take control of the Government, enforce martial law and curfew, and establish a military rule throughout the country. It seemed like the alleged primary military objective was to capture and arrest ERDOGAN alive.

According to an official declaration by the Turkish Military following 15 July 2016, there were 8,651 military personnel involved in the alleged coup attempt (5,761 professional military personnel, 1,676 conscripts, and 1,214 cadets)[4]. The Military announced that the number of alleged dissenters forms only 1.5 % of the total manpower of 570,111 in Turkish Military (247,196 professional military personnel, 270,970 conscripts, and others)[5]. The announcement also stated that a small number of equipment and weapons of the total inventory were employed during the attempt, including 35 military aircraft, 37 military helicopters (8 attack helicopters included), 246 armored vehicles (74 tanks included), three military ships, and 3992 light weapons.

The alleged dissenters employed initial troops around 21:30 on Friday evening. It was a busy hour in large cities. People were on the streets, in front of TVs and on the Internet. The alleged coup was announced to the press by an official email at 23:45 and broadcasted on state TV, TRT at 00:15. The alleged dissenters blocked the Bosphorus Bridge in one direction, raided few tanks to several locations without live ammo, and allegedly bombed the parliament. These actions were in fact not decisive, and some were even harmful to their objectives because of public suffering and the resultant anger.

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