Both ERDOGAN and his Prime Minister YILDIRIM consistently claim that they were unaware of the suspected activities and the serious measures taken by AKAR and FIDAN. They insist that they had not been informed by AKAR or by FIDAN.

YILDIRIM stated to media on 22nd July: “I learned the coup 15 minutes after it started. No one informed me before that”. ERDOGAN gave conflicting times about when he learned about the coup [1].

  • On 16th July 04:22, during his appearance in front of the media, after landing in Istanbul, he stated: “there were some movements within the military in the afternoon” of 15th of July [2]. He said that his brother-in-law told him about an unusual military activity in front of Beylerbeyi Palace.
  • On the 18th of July, during an interview with CNN International, he stated: “I learned about developments at 20:00 and decided to act against”.
  • On 20th July, during an interview with Al Jazeera, five days after the events, for the first time he stated; “I learned the coup from my brother-in-law”.
  • On 21st July, during an interview with Reuters, he stated “there were some movements in the afternoon; I learned the coup from my brother-in-law around 16:00-16:30.
  • On 30th July, he changed the timing again and stated, “I learned the coup from my brother-in-law around 21:00; I’ve been confusing the time”.

In reality, AKAR’s Deputy, GULER testified that three hours before the start of the events, FIDAN had called the head of ERDOGAN’s guards and asked him at least two times if he had enough men and ammunition to protect the President against an attack.

FIDAN’s call to ERDOGAN’s head of guards around 18:30 that day and ERDOGAN’s plan to prepare four planes at four different locations show that he had previous knowledge.

Perincek: “We had warned the nation about the coup 14 days prior.”

Three months after the events, ERDOGAN’s close ally and head of the pro-Russian and ultra-nationalist “Patriotic Party” Dogu PERINCEK stated that: “We had warned the nation about the coup 14 days prior with a party declaration dated 1st July 2016” [3].

PERINCEK on 15 February 2017 stated[4] [5];

“One day before the coup attempt, our party’s deputy Atilla UGUR went to Yeni Safak and informed them that within a few days there would be a coup attempt from FETO Terrorists. UGUR told them to inform the Government as well.”


Yeni Safak journalist Huseyin LIKOGLU admitted that he was warned the day prior by UGUR about an imminent coup attempt [6]. It is impossible to think that LIKOGLU did not share this information with ERDOGAN, YILDIRIM, and FIDAN.

Additionally, Putin’s private representative Dugin clearly stated that he warned the Turkish Government about the coup one day prior, on 14 July [7].