Parliamentary Investigation Commission

The Parliamentary Investigation Commission started working on 4th of October 2016 to investigate July 15 coup attempt, after an intentional delay of more than two and a half months by the ruling party AKP. The commission was formed by Parliamentarians from all four parties in the parliament and headed by Resat PETEK from AKP. It worked for three months and finished the investigation by 4th of January 2017[1]. PETEK noted the commission had 22 meetings, listened to 141 people[2] and carried out field visits to different sites.

At the beginning of the Commission’s work, ERDOGAN stated that he had not expected much from it[3]. On December 9th, 2016, he stated; “The Commission should finish the job of writing and sending the report”. This was perceived by the AKP members of the Commission as a directive to “finish it now!” After a few days, PETEK announced terminating the Commission by the 4th of January. He stated the Commission had resolved the matter and gathered enough information to write the report. The report has not been disseminated so far.

The Commission did not actively engage the subject. Many issues have been left out and not clarified. The declared task of the Commission was to discover the essence of “July 15”, the people who staged the coup, their external affiliates, their plan and the “hidden powers” behind them. The working days and the duration had become gradually shorter, and the list of hearings continually clipped[4]. None of the questions, mentioned in this report, were properly addressed or examined. The task was not fulfilled.

Parliamentary Investigation Commission – From TRT Haber

Despite Opposition members’ protests, the Commission finished the investigation without even hearing the critical people. The two critical names, Chief of MIT Hakan FIDAN and Chief of the Military Gen Hulusi AKAR were not invited to Commission for hearing[5]. Instead, the Commission requested written testimonials from both. So far, their testimonials have not arrived[6]. The Commission members from AKP also refused to hear generals such as Akin OZTURK, Mehmet DİSLİ, and Mehmet PARTIGOC, who, according to the prosecutor’s indictment, attempted/lead the coup. The Commission preferred to hear a lot of people who were irrelevant to the essence of the subject[7]. Former Chiefs of General Staff, former Secretary of MIT, Chairman of Turkish Red Crescent, Chairman of the Stock Exchange, Istanbul, former Head of Religious Affairs, and a member of the Turkish Higher Education Board (Yuksek Ogretim Kurulu-YOK) were some of the people the Commission heard.

Most importantly, the inside story of the events and confusion on “July 15” had not been brought to the agenda. Issues like, why AKAR and FIDAN failed to timely inform ERDOGAN and YILDIRIM or why AKAR failed to call the Service Chiefs asked their support have not been investigated.