Views of International Experts

International experts explained their views on 15 July, which support KILICDAROGLU’s assertion. For example, German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) Chief Bruno KAHL [1] and UK Parliamentary Report [2] clearly stated that the Turkish Government failed to convince European Governments that 15 July was a mere act of Gulenists in the Military. A German intelligence expert and author Erich Schmidt-EENBOOM stated on the German public broadcaster ZDF that the Turkish President ERDOGAN was behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15, 2016. He based his assertion on the intelligence reports from the CIA and BND [3]. Furthermore, politicians, academicians, and strategists from many countries clearly stated that ERDOGAN’s version of the story for July 15 is not convincing and heavily criticized him for recklessly exploiting a disaster to destroy country’s democracy and inner peace.

The Trials

The Authors of this study believe that all the dissenters must face the necessary but unconditionally fair judicial processes for their acts on 15 July 2016.  However, for the justice to come true, the planners and facilitators of the “self-coup” must also be tried. ERDOGAN, YILDIRIM, FIDAN, PERINCEK, AKSAKALLI and their collaborators and conspirators in the Military, in the Government, and elsewhere must face serious charges for organizing and manipulating a “self-coup” to illegally overthrow the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey and change the country’s regime from a democracy to a dictatorship.

Top Generals -AKAR, GULER, DUNDAR-, Army, Navy, Air Force and Gendarmerie Service Chiefs -COLAK, BOSTANOGLU, UNAL, MENDI-, and some critical officers in the lower ranks have to clarify the crucial details, which are not yet transparent. Furthermore, the vague statements and behavior, which caused ambiguity during the events, have to be clarified and investigated. Simply because, that ambiguity contributed to the overall confusion in the Military and the chaos in the country.

ERDOGAN’s Gain is Turkey’s Loss

ERDOGAN won, but the Country lost. The imminent cost was high; loss of 248 lives and thousands injured. But the persistent cost is much higher. The extended “State of emergency” severely eroded the spirit and essence of democracy in the Country. ERDOGAN’s follow-on crackdown was disastrous. Issues of illegal Decree Laws, reshaping crucial Government departments and purge of more than 134,000 Government officials are a few examples. The rule of law has been catastrophically undermined, human rights abuses are at their peak in the country’s history.

The military lost its top brass, expertise, experience, and more importantly its trust. However, ERDOGAN rushed the Turkish military into Syria immediately after 15 July. His obscured objectives are yet not clear.

ERDOGAN and his supporters used 15 of July as a pretext for the referendum on 19 April 2017. The nation voted to abandon the parliamentary system for an executive presidency, which grants ERDOGAN a 21st-century sultanate minimally curbed by the Parliament, changing the country’s regime from a democracy to a dictatorship [4]. ERDOGAN had the victory through a controversial referendum, which was tarnished with allegations of fraud [5].

ERDOGAN’s next step could be reinstating the capital punishment. He wants to apply the death penalty to the people arrested for the events of 15 July. He violates a basic principle of the universal norms by promoting an “Ex post facto law” which retroactively changes the legal consequences or status of actions that were committed. “Ex post facto law” is prohibited by all modern judicial systems, including Turkey’s Constitution. ERDOGAN probably needs the capital punishment to silence all the witnesses and victimized dissenters to hide the truth forever.

The scavengers like PERINCEK, Head of Ultranationalist Patriotic Party, and his supporters are not to be forgotten aside. The purge lists of thousands of innocent Government officials and military personnel had been prepared by PERINCEK’s affiliates, long before 15 July. PERINCEK openly verified this at different occasions, stating that the purge lists were prepared by his supporters in the Military [6]. PERINCEK’s retired and active-duty military affiliates presumed that all the generals and high-ranking officers, who were not tried at the earlier Ergenekon and Balyoz trials, are most probably Gulenists and must be purged. Col Mustafa ONSEL’s talk on pro-ERDOGAN TV Haberturk is a confession [7].

Furthermore, PERINCEK is the architect of the rapprochement between ERDOGAN and PUTIN. He and his supporters continually portray the West, EU, and NATO as the ultimate enemies of the Turkish people. He even portrays NATO as an organization supporting terrorism [8].

Shortly after a Russian aircraft’s shootdown by a Turkish F-16, PERINCEK sent a group of former Generals and Admirals to Moscow to mediate between Russia and Turkey. The delegation stated that if there were a coup attempt soon in Turkey, it would be an American attempt. They convinced PUTIN and his immediate circle to make a deal with ERDOGAN [9]. Close allies of PUTIN; Konstantin MALOFEYEF [10] and Aleksandr DUGIN openly stated that the visit was a breaking point, which opened a re-deal between Russia and Turkey. The re-deal was built on ERDOGAN’s apology for the Russian fighter aircraft shot-down [11].

[10] Chairman of the Board of Directors of the group «Tsargrad» and founder of the international investment fund Marshall Capital Partners. He has very close relationships with Putin.