The Bridges

Soldiers blocked the bridge at one direction. From: Getty Images

Asia to Europe passage of Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge was closed at 22:00 by a group of soldiers. They kept the bridge blocked until surrendering at 06:40 the next morning. A sniper positioned on top of a column of the bridge targeted pro-ERDOGAN militia and civilians and killed several people till morning. ERDOGAN’s election campaign advisor Erol OLCOK and his son were among the demonstrators who were shot dead. Strangely, the sniper’s identity is yet unknown. Pro-ERDOGAN media aired the identities of all critical dissenters but did not publish any report about this mysterious sniper.

Sniper positioned on top of a column of the bridge

On 10 July 2016, OLCOK released a series of tweets from his account “Fotoğraf & Siyaset”. In these tweets, he signaled that a giant and eradicating operation by ERDOGAN against Kemalists, Secularists and Gulenists in the Military was imminent. He also stated that after this operation there would be no obstacle left between ERDOGAN and founding a new Caliphate, and setting up ultimate control of the Military. OLCOK was ERDOGAN’s long term affiliate who knew a lot about ERDOGAN.

Cadets from Air Force Academy and Kuleli Military High School have been allegedly tasked to show up on the streets and on the Bridges for “training” or “exercise”. The War College attendees were allegedly tasked to support security personnel at the Ataturk & Sabiha Gokcen Airports.

The Wedding Ceremony

  Gen Abidin Unal, From: Turkish Air Forces

Chief of Air Force Gen Abidin UNAL was at his second commander in line Lt Gen Mehmet SANVER’s daughter’s wedding ceremony in Istanbul with 24 Air Force Generals. He at first testified that he was not aware of anything unusual until his wife called at 21:30 and told him that one Air Force General was arrested in Ankara. UNAL stayed at the wedding after learning that F-16s were unexpectedly flying low over Ankara until he was allegedly detained by dissenters at 23:30. He did not change his location despite the high risk. Dissenters flew him to Akinci Airbase to arrive at 02:00. Meanwhile, according to his testimony, he continued to use his telephone to take measures against dissenters, and nobody tried to take the phone from him. He gave orders overtly with his phone against the F-16 flights while he was being detained [1].