Marmaris is a mysterious case. A group of Army and Air Force Special Forces soldiers allegedly plotted a raid with helicopters to capture ERDOGAN.

ERDOGAN had not been on TV and his whereabouts was not known during the six days before the attempt, which was unusual when compared to his habit or desire of being on TV every night[1]. Why did ERDOGAN disappear almost one week before the coup attempt and appeared again in Marmaris at the coup night?[2]

The Special Forces team, allegedly tasked to take ERDOGAN, flew from Istanbul to Izmir with a military transport aircraft on 15 July after the flight ban for military flights was ordered by TGS. Nobody stopped them[3].

The owner of the holiday resort where ERDOGAN stayed, Serkan YAZICI, stated in his interview published in Government-affiliated newspaper Milliyet that he was with ERDOGAN’s security chief when the chief had the phone call from FIDAN around 18:00 regarding the coup attempt[4]. The chief directly informed ERDOGAN. This is in line with deputy TGS chief Gen GULER’s testimony, but contrary to ERDOGAN’s persistent statements. He claims that he first heard about the coup around 21:30 from his brother-in-law.

The mission of the Special Forces team was canceled and re-ordered a few times. Strangely, they were kept waiting in Izmir for hours, which gave ERDOGAN the opportunity to fly out of Marmaris to Istanbul at 01:43. The team left Izmir around 02:00. Why did the team leave for Marmaris after ERDOGAN left his residence? Why did nobody inform them? Why were some of ERDOGAN’s guards left at the hotel after his departure?

The team arrived in Marmaris at around 03:20, three hours after ERDOGAN left his residence[5].

After arrival in Istanbul, ERDOGAN stated that he could have been in the hand of coup plotters if he had been 15 minutes late to leave the residence. ERDOGAN repeated the same message afterward. YAZICI and other eyewitnesses, who were with ERDOGAN that night, testified that there was more than one attack to ERDOGAN’s residence that night and the first one took place around 01:00 – 01:30 after midnight, shortly after his departure[6] [7].


This first attack in no way could be carried out by dissenters simply because the raid took place around 03:20; three hours after ERDOGAN left his residence. The suspects asked the court to investigate the surveillance footages of ERDOGAN’s arrival to the residence, his departure and this first attack before their coming. Their request was denied.

If the team arrived in Marmaris at 03:20 to capture ERDOGAN, why did then ERDOGAN tell that he escaped from being taken hostage just by 15 minutes? Who sent the first team, which attacked the resort before dissenters? Why is there no investigation on this first attack? Was this first attack plotted by ERDOGAN and FIDAN in case the dissenters’ operation would have failed?

The team members claim that they deployed to Marmaris to take ERDOGAN to Ankara alive, based on the order given by TGS HQ under the chain of command[8]. But ERDOGAN insists that they were tasked to kill him.


ERDOGAN’s flight story to Istanbul is also critical[9]. According to the website, ERDOGAN’s aircraft left DALAMAN at 01:43, squawking as Turkish Airlines THY8456 and landed in Istanbul at 03:20. One can also identify the 47-minute holding time before the landing. Normal flight time from Dalaman to Ataturk Airport is 50 Minutes. The flight lasted 97 minutes.


Dissenters took control of Istanbul Ataturk Airport tower at 23:55 and stopped the air traffic. They closed the airport with tanks. After ERDOGAN’s call, civilians rushed into the airport, police retook the control by 02:15 and the tanks retreated thereafter. Why did he take off for Istanbul, although he was aware the airport was under dissenters’ control? Why did he hold near Istanbul 47 minutes while F-16s allegedly flew around Istanbul to find him?

On a TV show broadcasted by A-Haber, ERDOGAN said there were four planes planned for him and his family in different airports (Izmir, Dalaman, Bodrum and Cildir) to deceive the putschists and help him escape[1]. If ERDOGAN’s statement about the timing of his initial awareness of the coup was true (21:30), then we have a simple math problem. Normally these four planes are located in Ankara. To become ready for ERDOGAN’s decision, their crew must be recalled, the planes must be serviced and checked, they have to fly to four different airports, they have to be refueled and re-serviced again at their new locations. Could this possibly happen within two to three hours?

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