What happened at Special Forces HQ?

On the 11th of the July 2016, Brig. Gen. Semih Terzi who is from Special Operations Forces (SOF) command in Sirnak in the Southeastern Part of Turkey calls Air Brig. Gen. Gokhan Sonmezates and tell him that “our country is living really hard times and I am really worried about the future of the country. Then Gen. Terzi asks Gen Sonmezates whether he is thinking the same way or not. Then, Sonmezates asks if everyone is included or not and he get a positive answer from Gen. Terzi. Sonmezates says “I understand that everything was in chain of command because Gen. Terzi told me that Chief of Staff Hulusi Akar and  SF Commander Major General Zekai Aksakalli is involved and knows everything what will happen.[1]

Brig Gen again calls Gen. Sonmezates on 13th of July to make the last coordination.

On the morning of the 13th July Mrs Terzi got a message from her husband’s phone. It was saying that “tell Mrs. Nursel (she is the wife of Maj.Gen. Zekai Aksakalli who is the head of SF HQ) that my mother is sick and take a permission for me to come to Ankara, then DELETE THIS MESSAGE.[2] First, she calls Mrs Nursel and ask her mother-in-law’s health. But I didn’t tell anything about my husband’s coming to Ankara. Because he is supposed to come to Ankara at 24th of July anyway. As this was the case, Mrs Terzi calls her husband again. She says to him that “I did what you said to me except getting permission for coming here.” Then Brgd. Terzi asks her “why did you call her? is my mother sick? Mrs. Terzi testified that “I understood that he didn’t send me a message like that and didn’t tell him anything about the text message” Everything strange starts with this message but not less.[3]

Contrary the fact that Mrs Terzi told; Maj. Gen. Aksakalli testified that on the 15th of July Gen Terzi called me and said that his father was sick. He then asked that if he could come to Ankara[4]. Although his mother is sick and this was said to Gen Aksakalli’s wife why Gen Terzi lies? or Gen Aksakalli is lying!

Semih Terzi

On 15th July Brig Gen Terzi gets an order to come to Ankara. It says that you will be in Ankara with one of your battalion to take over the authority in Ankara against ISIL threat.

At 5.30 pm, chief of staff orders to close all air way and to cancel all flights. This information was given to SF HQ and Special Forces Air Base. Then, The Pilot who is on sentry on the night of pseudo-coup, Hüseyin Cakıroğlu says that “at 7.30 pm I got an order which was cancelling the all flights all over the country. He asks this to his base commander who was colonel Umit Tatan. But it is interesting that regiment commander insists on taking Gen. Terzi and his teams from Diyarbakir. Then, this colonel is sent to Akincilar by the order of Chief of Staff and SF Commander Zekai Aksakalli according to  LTC Halit Kabil.[5] LTC calls G-3 of SF Umit Bak. Colonel Umit says that he needs to be captured according to order of Chief of staff and SF Commander. Cakiroglu says that Umit Tatan asked about this plane continuously to me. It flies around 9.15pm. And this colonel doesn’t say anything about the flight ban that day and insists on Gen Terzi’s coming to Ankara from Diyarbakir.[6] At the end of the coup colonel Umit Tatan becomes a hero.

As the plane land to Diyarbakir at 00.00am, Brig. Gen. Terzi comes to the Diyarbakir airbase. He comes with 24 people to Diyarbakir air base in order to come to Ankara. When they go to air base by bus, Team commander captain Ahmet Kemal Yilmaz says to another team commander Lieutenant Mihrali Atmaca that it is the coup of FETO and they are terrorist. Mihrali asks him how he knows this. He says “Because it is only in Istanbul and Ankara and Prime minister says that this is the work of minority in the military.”[7]

However, we saw that the people was jailed in all cities. It is very strange this captain knows the things beforehand. Then, he says Mihrali to be prepared to fight against FETO terrorists. When they get the orders, battalion commander Fatih Sahin tells Captain Ahmet to select some person to come to mission of that day. He chooses Lieutenant Mihrali. When they land to Ankara at 0200 am, Captain Ahmet doesn’t come with the people to SF HQ. Instead, he stays in Air Base with seven SF people. “I spoke to Aksakalli”.

Yilmaz also stated that he stayed with 6 military personnel in Etimesgut Military Airport  to take care of the backpacks as an excuse. Meanwhile, he made some phone calls to clarify what is going on. He said that he thought  ” If I am right about my doubts, I will kill both Semih Terzi, Fatih Sahin, and anyone I doubt. If I am wrong, I will tell my commander I am late because of the backpacks.” [8]

In the morning, he looks for all the doors in the base and captures the people whoever were there![9]

When the battalion comes to SF HQ with helicopter, Brig Gen. Terzi is in the rear of the front of the team. Then, someone shot him down. First, team doesn’t understand what is happening because the fire was coming behind the bushes and they are in the military zone.[10]

omer-halisdemirAt that day, Omer is waiting for Maj. Gen. Zekai in the HQ. Although Gen. Zekai insists his coming to Ankara that day contrary to the flight ban, Gen Zekai calls Serg. Omer and says that Brig. Gen. Semih is betrayer and you need to kill him. He welcomes Gen.Terzi in the first helicopter but when they come in front of HQ building, Omer shoots Gen Terzi to death.[11] When the SF team get fires, they fire back from where the fire comes. At that time, sentry of the SF command captain Volkan Vural Bal comes outside. He lift his hands in order not to be shot. He screams that he was sentry.


Then, he comes near NCO Omer and looks his pulse and calls first aid team which is at the SF headquarter. When the first aid team comes, they tries to take him to ambulance because they say that he has still has slight pulse. When they say this, Lieutenant Mihrali take his gun and shot him twice.[12] The other team personnel asks Mihrali why he shot him? He could be judged at the court![13] Omer is still a misery in the puzzle. Because nobody knows what he was doing in the HQ. And why did he kill Gen Terzi with an oral order in this complex and mixed situation? When Brig. Gen. shot to death, battalion commander takes him to Military Hospital/GATA. When he was going, he gives the command and control to Lieutenant Mihrali. Mihrali calls Captain Ahmet and says “General has been shot and battalion commander took him to hospital.”[14]Captain Ahmet says to him “Mihrali! all staff officers including Col. Umit Bak and LTC Mehmet Ali Celik are betrayer. They are to be killed.” Gen. Zekai just called me to do this.[15]

Then, Mihrali goes with his team to SF HQ. The sentry sees him and Mihrali says “I came to take orders from LTC Umit Bak!” Then, he goes in without any interruption. He goes to room and shows his rifle to LTC Mehmet Ali Celik who is deputy of Col Umit Bak. “If you move, I will shoot you.” He screams. Then, Mihrali catches the officers in the HQ by his team. By that time, on the way to HQ, Captain Ahmet calls Srgt. Ismail Oguz, who is one of the team member of Mihrali, to shoot Umit Bak and Mehmet Ali Celebi. Ismail asks him how he knows this. He says Zekai called me. You don’t know everything so do what I tell you.[16]

When Mihrali goes to SF HQ, Captain Volkan goes to the guardhouse of the SF HQ. At that night, NCO Fatih Usal who is the executive officer of Chief of Staff of SF Umit Bak is called to HQ by Colonel Umit Bak. He says “there are some orders and Maj.Gen. Zekai told us to stay at HQ. Then, Fatih is ordered to go to guardhouse by order of Col. Bak in order to reinforce the guardhouse. Because there was an assault at the guardhouse. When he goes there, Captain Volkan calls them and says that all entrance are banned by Maj.Gen Zekai. But after a while, Captain Volkan permitted some civilians to enter from guardhouse.[17] But Captain Volkan doesn’t allow COS of SF to enter. NCO Fatih says that there was something wrong when I saw the scene. And after couple hours later, Captain Volkan captures these reinforcement people (3 officer and 6 NCO) at the SF HQ and torture them. He tortures them as if they were from PKK and break his nose and rib. NCO Fatih says that Captain Volkan is the black box of the operation in the guardhouse of SF HQ.[18] But it is again strange that Captain Volkan is jailed after one month of the coup because he was also said that he was from the side of coup plotter.[19]

Fatih Sahin, who was the battalion commander, says in his testimony that we behaved and acted in the chain of command. He says that “I didn’t give my order to my troop to go to Ankara. Instead, I assumed that we would go to Syria. And their group commander Colonel Altan Bora bid a farewell to them. He also says that Maj. Gen. Zekai ordered us to come to Ankara. Then, he said to us you are betrayer. How can it be that someone is giving order and then calls us betrayer?

He also says that on the plane, Brig.Gen. Terzi said that military coup is in action and when we land, they can fight with us. Therefore, we need to be prepared for this. He asks that our plane was at 00:00 am. The coup started at 9.00 pm. If we were betrayer, why Maj. Gen. Zekai didn’t tell us or hinder our coming to Ankara?[20]




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